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Ayush Kumar Shah

Machine Learning Engineer,
Fusemachines, Nepal

Computer Science Instructor,
Samriddhi College

Hello! It’s me, Ayush Kumar Shah, an Artificial Intelligence enthisiast. Currently, I am active in working with global client teams to build state-of-the-art products. I have worked in the domains of Recommendation System, Handwritten character recognition system, waste classification system, Computer Vision Systems during my time at Fusemachines.

My inquisitive nature, craving for knowledge, and longing for novelty and innovation strengthen my passion to work and learn daily to increase my knowledge horizon. I am mostly into python and AI, so my blog will be a reflection of whatever new thing I learn about them. Thank you for visiting my blog.

Check out my short resume below. You can view or download the complete pdf version of my CV here: CV_AyushKumarShah.pdf




BE, Computer Engineering

Kathmandu University,
Dhulikhel, Nepal

CGPA: 3.96 / 4.0

Coursework: Machine Learning; Artificial Intelligence; Natural Language Processing; Data Structure and Algorithms; Database Management Systems; Operating Systems; Advanced Calculus and Linear Algebra; C; C++; Computer Architecture; Software Engineering; Digital Signal Processing; Embedded Systems


June 17, 2019 - Present

Machine Learning Engineer

Fusemachines Nepal,
Aarya Tower Bhawan, Hattisar, Nepal

Working on several client-based ML projects from the US as well as internal ML projects of the company in the field of NLP, Computer vision, Recommendation systems. Worked on the whole ML pipeline: data collection, data cleaning and pre-processing, model building, tuning hyperparameters, model training, and model evaluation. Some of the projects I have worked in are:

  • Nepali Intelligent Character Recognition System
    A framework built by combining RNN and CNN to predict the handwritten or printed texts in both English and Nepali language in different fields of a form. Worked on building binary language classifiers and a complete prediction pipeline for texts in images of different types of forms.

  • Recommendation System for a subscription-based e-commerce client to increase revenue through cross-selling. Involved in data wrangling, feature extraction, model experimentation, and implementation. Techniques used: Item-to-Item models, (Neural) Collaborative Filtering, Factorization machines, etc. Increased revenue by 6% (large as we were serving 600k users).

  • Automatic classification of products on the basis of various chemical attributes to optimize business decisions for products that go unsold. Worked on Boosting algorithms like Gradient Boosting, Random Forests, XGBoost, LightGBM and so on for regression and classification tasks.

  • Involved in design, review, and refinement of content - reading material, quizzes, assignments, and projects for Fusemachines AI Education Programs - “Foundations in AI: Mathematics for AI”, “Micro Degree™ in Artificial Intelligence: Machine Learning, Computer Vision”

Jan 2020 - Present

Computer Science Instructor

Samriddhi College,
Kathmandu, Nepal

  • Teaching the course “Foundations in AI: Computer Science and Mathematics” offered by Fusemachines to undergraduate BSc.CSIT students.





  • Proficient: Python, Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, OpenCV, nltk, Keras, TensorFlow, Pytorch, git
  • Familiar With: C, C++, SQL, AWS, LaTeX